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From Now Commerce to QuickBooks and QuickBooks to Now Commerce, two-way integration is built-in. Customers and sales staff can see real-time inventory, order history, and other key data, and new orders placed online are automatically created in QuickBooks. And if you do off-site warehousing & shipping, we can automate that as well.

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Now Commerce Customer Portal

Now Commerce is a B2B Online Ordering System for businesses using QuickBooks Desktop. Give professional buyers a sophisticated online sales experience, not a shopping cart. Customers can order online 24/7 with full access to custom pricing, inventory and account history. Customers can also check order status, tracking, invoices, and more. If you are a manufacturer, wholesaler, distributor or simply sell products with SKUs, and you are using QuickBooks Desktop, Now Commerce is built for you.

Now Commerce Sales Rep Portal

Empower your sales team with 24/7 access to the key tools they need to do their job. The Now Commerce Sales Rep Portal is a two-way integration with QuickBooks that provides real-time information and insight into your sales activity, as well as the ability to enter and update orders. And all information submitted by your sales team is automatically entered directly into QuickBooks.

Now Commerce Fulfillment Portal

Save time and reduce errors by integrating QuickBooks Desktop with your shipping system. Two-Way integration provides for both sending shipment requests as well as receiving shipping confirmations. All fully automated with QuickBooks and requiring no manual data entry. Whether your shipping department is in the back of the office, on the other side of town, or at multiple locations across the country, we can help. Our technology integrates QuickBooks with virtually any shipping system. Accelerate your shipping and more quickly communicate shipping activity to your customers and sales team.

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