PrintBoss's intuitive interface, robust features, and industry-leading security enhancements make it an essential tool to integrate with your accounting software.

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Check Printing Made Easy

PrintBoss prints checks from your accounting software. The magic is PrintBoss also determines the name of the company and the bank account for each check. As a result, you print all your checks onto blank check stock and the correct company and bank information is printed on every check. This means you have only one check stock for all companies and bank accounts. Or don’t store any check stock and let us print and mail your checks with the PrintBoss Check Printing Service. This way you can process checks from any device, anywhere, with no need of a printer or stock. PrintBoss saves you money and increases security.

Key benefits

  • Print checks from multiple bank accounts onto one check stock. This means lower costs and increased security. Blank check stock (stock with nothing preprinted on its face) costs a fraction of what preprinted checks cost, and unused stock is secure.
  • Enable the PrintBoss Check Printing Service and Wellspring Software will print and mail your checks for you. By removing the labor and supply costs of check printing, you save time and money, while maintaining control of your AP processes.
  • Sign checks electronically. Even set signing rules based on amount or bank account to provide increased controls. PrintBoss is designed to increase efficiency and lower accounts payable processing time.
  • How it works

    You start by setting up bank records in PrintBoss. Next, you set PrintBoss as the check printer driver in your accounting software. Then it’s just a matter of printing checks as you normally do in your accounting software. Whether you use Sage, Microsoft Dynamics, QuickBooks, or any of the other 39+ accounting software for which PrintBoss has standard integrations, PrintBoss is designed to add no extra clicks to your check printing. Your accounting software sends check data (i.e. payee, address, amount, etc.) to PrintBoss, which matches it with the correct bank account information stored in the PrintBoss database. PrintBoss automatically formats your checks, then prints them on your local printer.


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