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Projector PSA is a purpose-built, cloud based Professional Services Automation tool for project-based delivery organizations including consulting firms, systems integration and hi-tech teams, and digital marketing agencies. Improve profit margins and resource utilization rates while gaining insights into revenue and staffing. Affordable pricing (pay by user, no long-term contracts), multi-currency, multi-company capabilities and a tech-agnostic approach to integration. Add in the powerful Projector BI module for comprehensive data modeling and analysis across the organization.

Optimize your delivery organization’s projects, staffing, billing, invoicing and profitability. Proactively project revenue and capacity plans, control costs associated with poor resource utilization and effectively staff projects.

Projector is an open-architecture, tech agnostic, SaaS application that fully integrates across your team’s entire technology stack, including CRM and ERP systems, minimizing resource investment for integration and enabling faster onboarding. Projector PSA delivers the most value of any PSA on the market and consistently rates #1 for customer satisfaction.

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