Quantum Project Manager

The Quantum Project Manager Suite was engineered to manage and track all of your project needs with ease.

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The Quantum Project Manager can produce estimates and bid proposals for a project, complete contract documents, generate progress billing payment applications, print certified payroll reports, manage your equipment and create and track all of your communications along the way—all with one simple, easy-to-use tool.

Contractor Billing

  • Easily create AIA* style Payment Applications, Schedule of Values, and Change Orders
    No more typing, manual calculations, or cumbersome spreadsheets
  • Pre-Payment, Sales Tax, Accounts Receivable, Unit Pricing, and various Retainage options
  • Customizable Warranty Document
  • Customizable Waiver and Release documents (4 different types)
  • Print your schedule of values as a Gantt Chart schedule or a task list with percent complete from your billing
  • Post invoices to QuickBooks™ and import companies from QuickBooks™ customer/vendor lists
  • Create PDF or RTF files from any report to easily save or email.
  • Option to print an electronic signature on all plain paper payment applications.
  • Print plain paper formats of payment application, change order, billing worksheet, and many other reports

Certified Payroll Tracking

  • Weekly Certified Payroll Reports (WH-347, WH-348 and many state/agency specific formats)
  • Project Labor Cost Tracking Reports
  • Employment Utilization Reports
  • Print plain paper forms or email files
  • Complete tax table for all 50 states
  • Easy Timecard entry screen
  • Reprint prior Certified Payroll Reports
  • QuickBooks™ Integration


  • creating a simple estimate or a very detailed estimate
  • add various markups, tax situations, bond allocations, etc.
  • copy previous proposals from other projects to edit and quickly create a new proposal
  • generate proposals in a number of formats with options for outstanding flexibility
  • create your own customized heading with your own images like a logo
  • create PDF or RTF files giving you the capability to easily email the files


  • Create, print, and email RFIs, Notices, Transmittals, Submittal Log, Letters, Proposals, Waivers and Releases, Insurance and Insurance Notices, Material Log, Drawings, Punch Lists, Meeting Minutes, Schedules and Gantt charts, Daily Reports, Telephone Log, Correspondence Sent Log, and Correspondence Received Log
  • Print the documents on plain paper or to your letterhead right on your printer
  • Add an electronic signature on the documents that have a signature line.
  • Create your own customized letterhead with your own graphics and text
  • Create PDF or RTF files from any document or report and email the file attachments
  • Create MS Word documents using customizable templates (MS Word required)
  • Import customers and vendors from QuickBooks™ to avoid double entry
  • Additional logs and status reports

Equipment Tracking

  • Schedule Maintenance by Date or Miles/Hours Readings
  • Review Maintenance History Quickly
  • Track Mileage, Fuel Cost and Gallons
  • Trip logs and mileage reports
  • Track Parts and Vendors used
  • Track Equipment by Location and Supervisor
  • Track Labor Hours and Costs
  • Track Costs by Materials, Labor, Other breakdown
  • Track Other Costs like tolls, parking, etc.
  • Track important Warranty, Insurance, Purchase and Sale Information
  • Maintenance Request and Review functions
  • “Lock Out/Tag Out” Procedures for OSHA compliance
  • Track all training records for all your equipment
  • Equipment assignment tracking and history. Assign equipment to projects.

Contract Documents

  • Track and generate various contract documents including contracts, purchase orders, proposals, change orders, material log and waivers and releases
  • Create, track, and enter change orders for each contract and/or purchase order and print a log and status reports
  • Create and track proposal documents that include Proposed Change Order, Change Order Request, Request for Proposal, and Estimate
  • Create, customize, and track four different types of waiver and release documents
  • Create project schedules and print task lists, Gantt charts, and Work Orders
  • Customizable MS Word templates for added flexibility and control
  • Collect and store information necessary to fill out many original AIA* Contract Documents (prior to 2017)

*AIA is a registered Trademark of the American Institute of Architects


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