Reach Reporting

Increase Your Advisory Value, Provide Automated Visual Financial Report & Dashboard with Live Workable Data!

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Key benefits

Instant Reports Choose from our library of pre-built reports and instantly export to PDF. Annual reports, month-end reports, quarterly reports. Use the included templates or build your own! Take the reporting process from hours down to minutes!

Powerful Financial Analytics Deliver the message efficiently and cleanly! Delve deep into the company’s performance data and build formulas, metrics, and KPIs that speak volumes. Advanced spreadsheets make your job easy. They are ALWAYS UP TO DATE!

Classes and Consolidations View class or department data, to filter reports or dashboards. Create consolidated reports and dashboards. Enhance the client relationship instantly with world-class reports. Financial reporting at its best with Reach.


How it works

Reach Reporting connects to QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Desktop, Xero, or CSV Trial Balance and provides easy to understand, real-time analysis and reports of your financial performance data. With Reach Reporting’s built-in dashboards and report builder, Reach Reporting helps connect your financial data from QuickBooks in a seamless process to build the best performance reports for your clients. Reach Reporting helps get the best performance and financial analytics all in the finest dashboards and reports for your clients.



Advanced financial reporting. Advisory at its finest. Financial analytics at your fingertips. Construct and refine balance sheets and P&Ls. Insert total rows, modify groupings, and more. Powerful spreadsheets and all saved with real data. Budgets and forecasts built off of advanced formulas…and always live. Consolidate multiple businesses easily. Take back your time by creating sticky reports, reports that stay updated and refresh the data throughout. Even the text can be live data. Now you can build a report once, refine and perfect it over time, rather than rebuilding it and all of its source data every month. Master your reporting.


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