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Receipt Bank is the leading digital bookkeeping tool trusted by over 50,000 accountants and 400,000 SMBs.

We digitally capture, code and control your client’s financial transactions – this means no more searching through shoeboxes of receipts or lost invoices. You’re simply able to deliver tailored financial advice to your clients, up-to-date books and on-the-go bookkeeping.

Key Benefits

Collection & Reconciliation of Paperwork

Use Receipt Bank to digitize all of your paperwork in one place, ready for review. You can use the mobile app, dedicated email-in address, fetch, or web upload to send paperwork in real-time. That includes receipts, supplier invoices, bank statements, credit notes and sales invoices.


Making Sense of the Information

Receipt Bank guarantees accuracy, so no need to double-check data. Data from each receipt or invoice is extracted in moments, making it easier to claim the correct credits and hit tax deadlines.

With Receipt Bank, you’re able to automatically extract critical financial data fields from your documents, including:

  • Supplier and Customer Name
  • Total / Tax amount
  • Currency
  • Payment method
  • Document type
  • Invoice #
  • And more!


Elimination of Data Re-Entry with Seamless Integrations

Receipt Bank seamlessly integrates with the leading accounting software platforms including Quickbooks (Desktop & Online), Xero, Sage,, Gusto, and more. You can even set up rules to automatically categorize spending for tax purposes.

Receipt Bank will assign the account code, job / tracking code, and any recurring splits to different tax codes automatically – preparing for you to review. It will also match paperwork with any transactions or payments already in your connected accounting software!


Protection Against Audit & Disaster with Secured Cloud Storage

Once your paperwork has been uploaded to Receipt Bank, it will be stored for a minimum of ten years in compliance with tax laws. The online archive is searchable so you can find documents from particular date ranges, amount ranges, suppliers and much more. That means in the case of an audit, you can provide documentation within minutes.


Types of Accounting Clients Who Benefit

Whether you’re a sole practitioner or an enterprise-level firm, Receipt Bank is a pre-accounting solution that adds value to several types of clients you already support including:

  • Bookkeeping service clients
  • DIY bookkeeping & tax clients
  • Advisory clients
  • Expense clients
  • And many more!


How to Get Started with Receipt Bank

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