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Automating accounts payables for QuickBooks Desktop has never been easier. Stampli uses an agent-based file integration, approved by Right Networks, that automatically syncs invoice coding, invoice information, and payment data between QuickBooks Desktop and Stampli.

Stampli is the only Accounts Payable Automation software that centers communications on top of the invoice. This makes it easy for AP to collaborate and communicate with anyone involved with the purchasing process, from approvers to vendors, resulting in 5x faster approvals.

Our AP Automation software solution uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technology — Billy the Bot — to automate AP invoice processing and learn an organization’s unique patterns to simplify GL-coding, automate approval notifications, identify duplicates and more. With Stampli, AP has full visibility into bill activities and status, providing greater transparency and accountability. Audit-ready histories of approved bills are stored in the Stampli AP Automation system, and invoices can be downloaded anytime.

Stampli has been consistently ranked as a Leader in G2 Grid® for AP Automation and is #1 in Usability, Support, Implementation, and Results.

Features & Benefits:

  • Smart & Flexible
  • Automate invoice capture, coding, and approval workflows with advanced OCR, AI, and machine learning technologies that learn and adapt to existing or changing processes

  • Communicate & Control
  • Expedite approvals using invoice-centric communications and tools that make it easy to view, collaborate, and track all activities related to the invoice

  • Sleek & Effortless
  • Streamline invoice processing with an intuitive, easy-to-use platform can be set up in less than a day for QuickBooks Desktop

  • Integrated AP Automation
  • Integration triggers bill creation in QuickBooks Desktop and automatic Master List syncs (e.g., GL accounts, items, vendors, invoice payment, etc.) between QuickBooks Desktop and Stampli.

  • Multiple Companies
  • Use one Stampli account for multiple QuickBooks Desktop companies.




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