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Practice Management for Accountants: An intelligent, intuitive software that makes life and business easier for accountants.

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Looking for a Time Billing and Practice Management with Work Flow for your Accounting Firm?

Reasonably priced, We’re the Sensible Choice

• Cloud-Based Solution

• On-Premise Solution


• TIME & BILLING: Stop leaving money on the table. Easily track time, record expenses, and accelerate billing for your accounting services.

• PROJECTS & CLIENTS: Do your clients proud. Detailed project management and customer breakdowns gives every client the attention they deserve.

• BEING HUMAN: It’s easy to overlook the “little things,” so we keep track of them for you. That way, you can spend less time tracking and more time growing your business.

• TRACK TIME + BILLING: Forget about forgetting. Easily track time and record expenses, whether you’re at your desk or on-the-go. Accurate tracking means accurate billing– and that’s something to smile about.

• MONITOR CLIENTS AND PROJECTS: Stay on top of all the moving pieces of your accounting firm– no matter how large or small. Unique “inquiry” reports allow for intricate drill-downs on every project and client– giving you at-a-glance overviews that are comprehensive and organized.

• CREATE CUSTOM INVOICES: Streamline your client invoicing with our selection of professional invoice templates. Be as detailed or as brief as you want with our easily customizable reports.

• MANAGE CASH WITH WIP + AR ANALYSIS: Conveniently keep track of finance charges, statements, and aging resorts with built-in AR + WIP functionality.

• INTEGRATE WITH YOUR FAVORITE PROGRAMS: Seamlessly integrate with accountant-approved programs like Microsoft Office. Conveniently export reports as PDF, Excel, Word, SV, RTF, XML, and RPT files.

• UNDERSTAND + OPTIMIZE YOUR BUSINESS: Deepen your awareness of what’s growing your business and what’s holding it back. TPS Software provides the perspective you need to cut inefficiencies, optimize workflow, and always propel in the right direction.

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