Bulk Transfer solution automates much of the sales order-to-invoicing process, giving you much greater control while accelerating invoice management. To avoid duplicates you can validate sales orders prior to import.

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Bulk Transfer of Sales Orders to Invoices solution will help any QuickBooks-enabled business that processes large numbers of sales orders every day to get greater control of the invoicing process, increase productivity, and reduce errors when compared to the QuickBooks one-at-a-time invoicing procedure.

Key Features

  • Increase productivity by bulk transfer of sales orders compared to QuickBooks one-at-a-time procedure.
  • Dramatically cut invoice processing time.
  • Avoid error associated by eliminating manual steps.
  • Flexible criteria: Select sales orders by customer name, date ranges, ship via or list of sales orders from multiple systems such as ecommerce orders.
  • Avoid duplication by validating sales orders prior to import.
  • Flexible invoice numbering: Map to sales order numbers, use the QuickBooks default sequence or set your own sequence.
  • Review progress with import status report.
  • Close imported sales orders automatically and link to invoices.
  • Ideal for distributors, manufacturers, ecommerce, or any company with a large number of daily sales orders.

Key Benefits

  • Increase productivity and dramatically cut invoice processing time compared to QuickBooks one-at-a-time sales order to invoicing procedure.
  • Flexible criteria: bulk transfer sales orders based on customer name, date ranges, ship via or consolidate a list of sales orders from multiple systems.
  • Take control of invoice numbering: match the sales order number, use QuickBooks default numbering sequence, or set your own sequence.





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