5 Common Cloud Premier Myths, Busted

Here are some answers to a few common misconceptions about moving to Right Networks Cloud Premier.

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What Does It Take to Move Your Business to the Cloud?


Moving your accounting and business applications to the cloud lets you and your employees access them from anyplace with an internet connection, including your own home, at any time.

Working at home is no longer a luxury; it’s a necessity, and the ability to work from home is becoming more important all the time.

But just how difficult is moving your business applications and IT operations to the cloud? What does moving to the cloud require? Actually, it might be easier to discuss what it doesn’t require. Here are some answers to a few common misconceptions about moving to the cloud:

1. The cloud is not secure

The cloud is, in fact, far more secure than most CPA firms’ current in-house IT environments. Right Networks employs an expert security team and uses the highest level of encryption technology. Right Networks also takes advantage of machine learning anti-virus software for even better protection and performance.

2. Onboarding new employees will take too long

Not at all. Once you’re in the cloud, there’s very little onboarding involved at all. Getting employees up to speed mostly just involves implementing new login names and passwords. Applications remain the same; they’re just running securely in the cloud rather than on individual machines or an office server.

3. Working remotely in the cloud is inefficient

It’s just the opposite! Working in the cloud is far more efficient than working on individual machines or overloading an individual server. Firms working in the cloud have found that it saves time and enables them to more quickly and efficiently serve their clients.

4. I won’t be able to handle software updates efficiently

Requesting an app update is as easy as submitting a ticket! And for tax applications, we update them automatically without a ticket, so the process is even easier.

5. I can’t have all my accounting applications in one place

Actually, that’s exactly where they are when you’re in the cloud—in one place! It is possible to have all your apps in one place with full integration, and with a single sign on for accessing everything securely. This allows for ease of use and facilitates a strong culture in the firm.

Still have doubts? Check out what one customer from an accounting firm has to say:

“What used to take at least two weeks is now accomplished in less than a day. Now our accountants are working onsite at a client, the experience is overwhelmingly smooth and efficient.” – Right Networks customer Jana Cinnamon, COO Abdo, Eick & Meyers


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