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So today we’re going to talk about how to utilize Right Networks in a firm where you are providing outsource bookkeeping or some kind of accounting or actually any firm that really needs to have access to their clients QuickBooks files that are being hosted by Right Networks the actual desktop version. So, when you first set up your user access the Right Networks wizard will actually create a shortcut that will be placed on your desktop that is set up with your own credentials. So when you actually log in it’s actually using the Microsoft remote desktop program. But when you log in, and I’ll pull this up, it’s going to open up the Right Networks server environment.

Server Environment
And for those of us who use multiple monitors, let me just minimize this slightly, you can actually see that it’s in its own window that in our firm we would actually drag this window to our other monitor. And we’d have our local programs that we would use as well as the Right Network’s server environment where we would have access to all our client files. So I’m going to open that up again in full and so it’s a full desktop. You’re actually logging into a full server and on it you would have in our case all our QuickBooks programs that our clients utilize. So we have Enterprise various versions, we have QuickBooks Premiere, various versions. And remember with Premiere we can open up QuickBooks Pro so we don’t need to have QuickBooks Pro as well. So we need all these versions because many of our clients may not be upgrading and at some point they will have to. I think QuickBooks or Intuit supports the current year and the two prior years so at some point some of these old ones will roll off.

So we have all our versions there and we also, if we open up the environment behind the scenes our computer in Right Networks you have a drive that shows all your client’s QuickBooks files. We have many clients on Right Networks. So these are all live. If we drilled into any of these folders we would see our client’s QuickBooks program, their data file. And if we open up that data file we would be in it using our username and our password and our license of QuickBooks. So our client could have a one user QuickBooks license and we could still get in using our license. Now, remember our clients will only see their own data, their own folder. Their desktop may look different because they may not have the applications that we have as a firm but we could see all their data that’s on here. So, I’m going to minimize this.

Now, one of the programs that we use as an accounting firm is So, Right Networks we’ll load the sync on here. So in my demo here I have my own file so I could have multiple clients here. I would open up their QuickBooks file. I would click on the name and I would basically sync it and would actually go in and grab any new bills. It’ll do the bi-directional sync with So, I don’t think there’s much going on in this file but I would then be done. And I could open up our QuickBooks file and see any of the changes. We have Excel, we have our practice management system on here. We have Outlook. So the emails will go here as well as to our local version of Outlook.

Help Desk
There’s a help desk. During certain hours there’s live chat available. The print is great because it’ll print to any printer on your network and it works great. So again, we’re going to minimize this one more time. For those firms that have multiple monitors you can have this running somewhere else. You have access to all of your client files using any of the versions and you can install or have Right Networks install many of the applications that you’re use to. So with that being said hopefully this gives you a quick demo on what it looks like and good luck using it. And it’s been very valuable in our firm and hope you have the best of luck.


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