Four Technology Questions to Help Traditional Firms Today

We list four questions that traditional firms should be asking today to optimize their production in the near future to help them get through busy season.

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Learn how to optimize the technology you already own while evaluating if the cloud is right for your firm.


In the midst of the 2020 tax season, CPAs were challenged with yet another mandatory regulation: stay home.

And what was first classified as a short, temporary, relocation has now extended into… uncertainty. The truth is: no one knows when life will return to “normal.”

The situation has been further exasperated by firms making snap technology decisions going back to “old and familiar” manual ways of doing things, a practice that leads to data loss, unsecured internet connections, and more.

But these are unprecedented times; how is a firm employee expected to manage their workload the same way they would in an office setting?

Download Four Technology Questions to Help Traditional Firms Today to learn:

  • How firms can use the technology they already have to improve collaboration between clients and coworkers while working from home
  • How to optimize firm production and get through busy season
  • How to prepare your firm to become “cloud-ready,” so you can easily make the transition when the timing is right

Asking the questions above, firms will be able to work more effectively in today’s environment and be better positioned in the future to move everything into the cloud.


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