Navigating Right Networks as an Accounting Firm

View the video: Navigating Right Networks as an Accounting Firm.


View this Right Networks tutorial on how to use the cloud hosted application from an accounting firm perspective.

Highlights include:

Logging in to your remote desktop via Right Networks
Here at our firm, we use Right Networks. And then we work here… This is my local computer, my local desktop, I should say. And what I would do, I have actually locked the Right Networks remote desktop connection to my task bar. So I will click this and open this up. And it’s actually just saying, do you trust this connection? But I will say, don’t ask again, connect. So, because I’ve done this before it already has memorized my password and I’m logging in now.

So this is open now. This is my desktop. Now what I could do, because it’s remote, I can minimize this and put it… I have two screens, so I can actually move it to the side or put it back on this screen, which I will do. So on here I have a pretty busy desktop, but as a firm we have many clients that have different versions of QuickBooks. So if I open this up, I have Enterprise 14, 15, I have My Accountant versions of Premier. Note, you can open up a Pro version with Premier so that’s why we don’t have Pro shown here. And so any of my clients that go back to 14 and I think that’ll be gone soon because Right Network supports three versions and we’re in 18. So 18, 17, and 16. So at some point you won’t see these.

Now, I also, when you look at the computer you’re on, there is an H drive, which is a home drive. So this is user specific. So anything in this drive is going to be from my user only. So if I have something that I don’t want anyone else to see in my firm, for whatever reason, I would put it in the H drive. The I drive is… Everybody in my firm can see everything in the I drive, but I should note that Right Networks will put security on folders. So if it’s only a couple people in your firm need to see something, they’ll have access to it.

User specific drives that only you or your firm can see
But I could also see all my clients’ folders. These are all live folders, a lot of client data in them. So if they’re using Right Networks, then when they log in, they only see themselves. They don’t see anyone else, but I see them all. And we’ll have [inaudible 00:02:46] folders for backup files for multiple years. And maybe our year end folders as well as backup files that we have in here. So that’s how we use the data structure. You could set it up any way you want.

We also have Office on here. Now this is the same Office as on my local computer as well as my phone. So everything synchronizes so if I log in here, I will see emails. I have our practice management system, which I can log into to enter my time. We use Office Tools, but you could use any system here, a lot of the web based ones. And then, so this is where I would enter to look at clients and enter any time, phone calls, my schedule would show up. And if I want to get back to my regular computer, I could minimize this and I’m back here. So I have multiple screens and that’s how I run it.


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