Practically Overnight, The Way We Worked Changed Forever

Working from home isn’t likely to end when the pandemic subsides. Discover how you can make the "now normal" easier.

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Working from home isn’t likely to end when the pandemic subsides. Learn how you can make the “now normal” easier.

In March 2020, when millions of office workers suddenly started working from home, no one was sure how long remote work would last. Remote work is going well enough for many companies that it’s likely to be around forever for many former office workers.

A few key data points illustrate how working from home suddenly became not just normal but preferred among both employers and employees. They also show why it’s so essential for accounting firms and small businesses to give their employees secure, easy access to critical business application from anywhere by running in the cloud.


Experts say working from home is here to stay and will have wide-ranging effects

A Harvard Business School survey by economists projects that one in six workers will continue working from home or working remotely at least two days a week even after the pandemic ends. Another survey by freelance platform Upwork of hiring managers revealed that 20 percent of the workforce could be remote after COVID-based restrictions end. And those numbers represent the entire workforce, not limited to office workers.
[Source: The Atlantic, The Workforce Is about to Change Dramatically, August 6, 2020]

Based on what executives and employees are now saying, working from home is likely to last a while—maybe forever.

In this infographic, get information from PwC, LinkedIn and others on:

  • How executives and employees feel about remote work
  • How remote work has affected productivity
  • How the work-from-home revolution has affected the U.S.



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