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Right Networks
Secure Workstation

The comprehensive, secure workstation solution to safeguard your business-critical data. Get peace of mind with additional security for all your employees with one enterprise-level solution from a company you trust.

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Mitigate Risk With Security For Every Workstation

Ensure your company’s computers are protected from cyber attacks with our all-in-one solution, backed by the team you already trust to keep your hosted data secure.

Antivirus Threat Protection

Antivirus technology with professional-grade protection to keep files safe from known and emerging threats, including ransomware and malware.

Backup quickbooks online files
Backup Files and Folders

Protection in the event of an incident, with the ability to easily restore data to any workstation.

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Drive Encryption

Configured by our security experts to protect your data, with your key stored by us for safety and access offsite.

Next Generation Security Monitoring

Machine-learning technology for a second layer of antivirus protection to recognize threats and prevent attacks, providing more comprehensive protection.*

*Next Generation Security Monitoring is optional with Right Networks Secure Workstation Enhanced.

Why Secure Workstation?

It’s Not If—It’s When

330 ransomware attacks are carried out every hour1. Could your computer withstand an attack? Learn how Secure Workstation can help.

1Herjavec Group via Accounting Today, 2021


The average cost of a data breach on a small business
IBM Cost of a Data Breach Report, 2020


Percentage of companies that believe their cybersecurity protections are "highly effective."
Ponemon Institute Cybersecurity Report, 2018


Percentage of data breaches targeted at small businesses.
Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report, 2020

Right Networks Secure Workstation Solutions

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Secure Workstation
Secure Workstation

Antivirus Threat Protection

Backup Files and Folders

Drive Encryption

Industry-Leading US-Based Support, Available 24/7

Next Generation Security Monitoring With Machine-Learning Technology


Number of ransomware attacks per hour in 2021.
Source: Herjavec Group via Accounting Today, 2021


Percentage ransomware attacks have increased since 2016.
Source: Herjavec Group via Accounting Today, 2021


Percentage of breaches located in the US YTD.
Source: Risk Based Security, 2021

Grade Your Workstation

How Secure Is Your Workstation?
Protect Computers From Cyber Attacks

Security Designed For Accounting Professionals

An all-in-one, carefully curated package of the best components of what organizations need to secure their businesses.

  • Protect Valuable Data: Get emerging threats and unusual cyber activity monitoring, plus automatic updates and backups, 24/7/365.
  • Installation Made Easy: We offer the ease of one-click installation. Simply download the software and we’ll set up and configure your workstations.

Discover How Easy It Is to Get Computers Protected
With Right Networks Secure Workstation

To learn more, contact your Account Executive or:
If you work for an accounting firm, call 888-245-0292.
If you work for another type of business, call 888-245-0295.

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