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Right Networks Security Awareness Training

Human error accounts for 85% of all security breaches. Don't let one well-meaning click on a link expose you to a ransomware attack, compromise your sensitive information and add to that statistic.

Lower your cybersecurity risk today with Right Networks Security Awareness Training, a comprehensive, ongoing cyber risk awareness training solution tailored to accounting firms and business professionals.

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A Fully Managed Security Awareness Training Solution

Avoid a One-Click Catastrophe

Your company is only one well-meaning click away from a devastating consequence. Bolster your first line of defense, your employees, with Right Networks Security Awareness Training program.

Security Awareness Training educates, tests—and ultimately reduces the chances of a data security breach—in three easy steps:

Train Employees
1. Train Employees

Provide a gamified approach to learning real-world cyber-attack tactics. Course subjects include identifying phishing scams, social engineering strategies and more.

Test Employees
2. Test Employees

Test employees’ training retention with quizzes and simulated phishing emails, along with tips to encourage cyber safety when fake phishing messages are clicked.

Get Results
3. Get the Results

Get a snapshot of how many courses employees have completed and how many simulated phishing attacks they’ve blocked.


Percentage that dark web activity has increased from 2017 to 2020.
Source: Bitfury, 2020


Percentage of Americans who don’t know what to do in the event of a data breach.
Source: Varonis, 2020


Percentage of data breaches caused by human error.
Source: Verizon, 2021
Security Awareness Training Is Human Error Risk Management

Maintain Regulatory Compliance;
Lower Cybersecurity Risks

Human error is the leading cause of data security breaches. That means that your company’s #1 asset is also its #1 cybersecurity risk. Learn how to identify a cybersecurity risk, and how to react if you believe a data leak has occurred, with security awareness training.

Security awareness training is required as part of a growing body of regulatory guidelines and mandates. Compliance regulations are complex to navigate, and failure to comply with them puts your IT infrastructure at risk and exposes you to legal liability.

Our comprehensive security awareness training program is built to comply with regulatory requirements while ensuring that employees are trained in cybersecurity best practices and sensitive information is kept safe.

Security Awareness Training Modules
Security Training Modules

Get trained on types of phishing scams, ransomware infections, password security, work-from-home safety, social engineering tactics and more.

Simulated Phishing Scams
Industry-Themed Simulated Phishing

Fully managed monthly email phishing campaigns reinforce the training, ensuring newfound knowledge is applied to real-world cyber risks.

Dark Web Monitoring
Dark Web Monitoring

Proactively protect your company’s reputation with Dark Web monitoring. Continuously scan the dark web for illicit activity involving your brand 24x7x365.

Educate to Reduce Cybersecurity Risks
Tailored to Accounting and Finance Professionals

Comprehensive, Ongoing Cybersecurity Training

One-time security awareness training programs are outdated and lack the proper curriculum that accounting and finance professionals need.

Get all-inclusive, ongoing training today with Right Networks Security Awareness Training.

  • On-demand, easy-access portal: One convenient location to access all training materials and chart progress.
  • Monthly reporting emails: Monthly phishing and training course result snapshots are sent straight to the account administrator.
  • 100% managed by Right Networks security experts: We develop your curriculum, provide reporting and manage user population changes.
  • Affordable and flexible: Monthly billing, no minimum volume commitments, and the ability to easily add or remove employees.
  • 24/7 US-based customer support: A dedicated customer support team for onboarding and ongoing assistance.

Reduce the Cyber Risk at Your Business
with Security Awareness Training

To learn more, contact your Account Executive or:
If you work for an accounting firm, call 888-245-0292.
If you work for another type of business, call 888-245-0295.
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