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Security Simplified.

A single solution for cybersecurity that protects data, devices and
trains employees—managed by experts.
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What Will You Do? Who Will You Call?

Are you ready for the next cyberattack? Right now, bad actors are trying to exploit weaknesses in your cybersecurity defense. They are looking in places your antivirus software can’t protect you. Small businesses in the U.S. are a major target for ransomware attacks. What will you do when you’re attacked? Who will you call when a breach happens?

Right Networks is your dedicated security partner. Our experts will prevent a cyberattack before it can do any damage so you can keep doing your job. Our service proactively hunts for threats lurking in the background, neutralizing them before your systems are breached.

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Smart Security Management

Your Cybersecurity Risk Has Never Been Greater
Protect Devices. Bolster Your Greatest Defense.

Make It Happen with Smart Security Management

Smart Security Management means tackling the multiple vulnerabilities that put a business at risk by implementing a complete enterprise-level security solution.

Doing so ensures device protection and fortifies your first line of defense—your people.

Secure Workstation

Sometimes work takes you outside the cloud—and outside the cloud you’re more vulnerable. Get comprehensive security to protect your locally stored data and devices with Secure Workstation.

Security Awareness Training
Security Awareness Training

The biggest cyberthreat to your business? You and your staff. Lower the human error risk with an employee education program that offers best practices for staying safe online.

Achieve Smart Security Management

Smart Security Management is a new concept in cybersecurity. Combining technology and human expertise, it protects the multiple entry points that put your business at risk for cybercrime. Smart Security Management is a holistic and guided strategy that safeguards the critical applications you use every day, teaches your employees to stay away from security risks and provides advanced protection for your devices.

Smart Security Management helps businesses avoid cyberattacks, maintain continuity, improve resiliency and rapidly recover from security incidents should they happen.

Partnering with Right Networks, we are ensuring we are protected in all areas—in the cloud, at our desks and via our employees who are continuously sharpening their cybersecurity defenses through ongoing training.

— James Pantzis Owner, J.D. Pantzis CPA, PC 
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Don't Wait Until It's Too Late

Get Smart About Security Today

The threat landscape is pulsing with activity. Last year alone, there was an average of 270 cyberattacks per company.1

Get smart about your security management before it’s too late with our Smart Security Management solution.

1 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report, 2021

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Who Will You Call? Right Networks.

Who will your IT team call in the event of a ransomware attack? We are the partner to call, powering your IT efforts with best-in-class threat identification and prevention, as well as response to any security incidents, tailored to customers just like you.

Partner with the Experts
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Avoid the One-Click Catastrophe

We arm your employees with the knowledge to identify and to avoid cyberattacks. Security Awareness Training will train staff to identify phishing attempts that sneak past your antivirus software, opening the doors to a data breach.

Arm Your Employees
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Antivirus Software is Only Part of the Solution

Data breaches occur, inadvertently created by seasoned staff or an unprotected device. Your top producer or team leader can download or click on malware or ransomware. Your business requires a layered approach to ensure total protection. Our comprehensive approach allows you to focus on your business, knowing that employees, devices and data are secure.

Start Securing Your Team, Devices and Data

Who Will You Call? Right Networks.

Avoid the One-Click Catastrophe

Antivirus Software is Only Part of the Solution

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