Solutions for your Accounting Practice

Eliminate IT hassles and long commutes while serving your clients better than ever before.

We make your QuickBooks workflow effortless. Trusted by a global network of clients, Right Networks is the only solution endorsed by both Intuit and Thomson Reuters.

An Easy Solution: The Hosted Desktop

Imagine having all your clients set up the same way and accessing their desktops without trouble. Picture working together, using your favorite apps like QuickBooks or Microsoft Office. Now you can do it all with Right Networks. We provide you with an easy-to-use hosted desktop, where you can access your desktop applications anytime, anywhere. 

Whether you are the resident bookkeeper, a solo CPA with clients across the city, or part of a team of professionals, a hosted desktop from Right Networks gets you out of the steady stream of IT distraction and into your flow state... right from your desk or wherever you may be working!

Top-notch security for your firm

If you currently store your data on your network, then you know how much time and money is required to keep the systems securely patched, virus scanned and access controlled. We back up your data daily, and it is retained for 90-days, so even if you don't hit "save," we'll save you. Keep your data in our secure data centers so you can stay focused on your businesses.

You no longer need to worry about IT

Forget backups, updates, and upgrades, and let us handle the IT maintenance. Setting up a workflow sounds complicated, expensive and timely, and frankly it is. Lucky for you and your clients, we've already taken care of that through our exclusive HyperRight technology. We provide you with a configured, managed, monitored, and secured VPN, so IT can be last on your list. Our network is fully-clustered for high availability and high-speed, so we won't slow you down. 

See how Root & Associates found success in the cloud with Right Networks.