Right Networks Application Hosting

Take back control of your workflow with hosted applications by Right Networks.

We know there is more to your business than just the books. Save time and money with Application Hosting by Right Networks.

Right Networks hosts hundreds of popular applications so you can keep growing your business. From Tallie to SmartVault, TSheets to Bill.com, we have the tools you need to run your organization.

Automatic Updates

Never have to worry about upgrading your applications again. Our subscription-based service allows us to take care of your upgrades, updates, and backups. Once you add an application to your hosted desktop, we fully manage it - meaning you are IT free.

Increased Security

Right Networks takes care of the server management. Your data and applications are stored in top-tier data centers (Tier IV). Fully-clustered server redundancy, encrypted communication, encrypted backups, firewall protections help to secure your data and applications against natural disasters. Rather than keeping your servers in house, our server management increases your data security.

Improved Workflow

You won't be interrupted by IT troubles or reaching your clients' files. Your data and applications can be accessed from anywhere with an Internet connection which enables you to be more productive than using a single-location computer.

Certified Applications

Our App Directory is full with dozens of applications to keep your business moving forward. Add one, two, or as many as you want to your hosted desktop. The hardest thing about it is deciding! The App Directory allows you to sort the list by function, such as: Inventory Management, Back Office/EDI, Tax/Accounting and POS. Once you choose which application you need, Right Networks will install it on your remote desktop. From then on, you can access it wherever, and whenever you need.

To learn more about the applications hosted by Right Networks visit our App Directory