Franchise Solutions

Multi-location? No problem. Access your apps from anywhere with an Internet connection.

Right Networks’ franchise hosting solution delivers the benefits of hosting to franchisees and franchisors with application packages and add-ons customized for the franchise community.

Increase collaboration between locations

Right Networks makes it easy for you and your co-workers to work together from anywhere using your favorite, familiar applications. With Right Networks, you don't need to create, secure, and monitor a VPN. You don't need to purchase, configure, set-up, manage and maintain high-end servers.You don't need to install and update applications, and you don't need to do backups or any of that other complicated IT stuff. You simply focus on your business while we bring the benefits of the cloud to your entire team.

Accessing your data and apps is simple

Guess what? Your PC is ready for Right Networks. Using software that is already built into your PCs (and is easily available for your Macs, iPads, etc.), your entire team can connect securely to your office in the cloud, hosted by Right Networks. You can run the most popular applications, create and share documents together, and simply be more productive. A hosted desktop will take your team to the next level.

Increase security with a Right Networks hosted desktop

When you connect to Right Networks, you get the reliability of an enormous server farm, a cluster, all ready to serve you, and you automatically connect to the best server to meet your needs, thanks to our advanced technology that we call HyperRight®. If any server in the cluster needs maintenance or has a hardware problem, you can still get your work done, because you can get your familiar Right Networks hosted experience no matter which server you connect to in the Right Networks cloud.

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