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Introducing Right Networks Security Plus

Ready to Streamline your Security Strategy?

Do you have the security you need in a landscape of increasing threats? It’s time to get the powerful protection of the Right Networks intelligent cloud plus fully managed security solutions. Stay safe, whether you’re at the office, on the go, or working remotely.

Why Security Plus?

Security Plus seamlessly integrates the best of Right Networks: our premium QuickBooks Desktop Cloud packages delivered through our secure cloud environment, coupled with Managed Security and Managed Microsoft 365 services.

With Security Plus, you get affordable, fully managed, and ongoing security without having to turn to an outside provider…or hiring expensive -in-house expertise.

Right Networks Security Plus Includes:

  • Right Networks QuickBooks Desktop, Business, or Application Cloud: Buy or bring your own QuickBooks licenses and get the protection of our cloud environment, secured with best-in-class security features such as two-factor authentication.
  • Right Networks Managed Microsoft 365: A fully managed service designed to protect your valuable Microsoft 365 data across your devices. You’ll get advanced email and account takeover protection, all overseen by the Right Networks security team.
  • Right Networks Managed Security: A fully managed service that includes ongoing monitoring for your device, complete with endpoint detection and response (EDR) technology to catch advanced and emerging threats. Also includes key file and folder backup, a cloud-managed firewall and whole disk encryption. Plus, get on-demand security awareness training and phishing simulations delivered to users monthly.
  • Best-in-Class Support: You’ll get the 24/7, US-based QuickBooks and security support you’ve come to expect from Right Networks.

Maximize Value With Security Plus

Designed with firms and small business in mind, Security Plus offers unmatched value. Our package includes QuickBooks Desktop, Business, or Application Cloud and Managed Security discounts, so you can have all your services delivered by Right Networks at a great price. Ready to address your IT and security challenges with a single, reliable partner? Schedule a meeting with Sales to start your journey with Security Plus.
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